Thursday, April 10, 2008

Broken hearted fruit

Posted by Ray

This piece was a practice piece that I decided to do before the final for a technique called the "ink-wash off."  Pouring inking all over your painted piece, we washed it off.  Each time was different like a lottery ticket....As sad as it was this practice piece turned out better than my handed in piece.  Besides that I really like it.


Erika said...

Dooood! You should've turned this one in too!

Just stopping by to say hi. You're all linked up on my page now too.

See ya around!

Sariah said...

Yo home dawg, what up? lol. sorry, its me! (me as in Sariah of course) You are a great artist and you LIED when you said you weren't that good... you know where liars go right? what yourself.

Tinklemeyer said...

This one was really good. Why didn't you show this one too?

Cliff Mills said...

I dig the composition Mr. Ray! Great job!

Tinklemeyer said...

Hey! Did you get into the BFA program?! Did you? Did you? Did you?! How are you friend?